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What’s happening out there

The retail blood bath

With Amazon branching out to more areas, the retail battle (both online and offline) has been heating up:

  • Retailers around the world such as Alibaba and Walmart testing and deploying tech to automate stores.
  • Industry leading brands are also beginning to seek more control over their own distribution channels as direct-to-consumer smaller players pop up.
  • CPG brands start competing with their previous partners, as retail stores push their own private labels.
  • Brands try to leverage technologies to keep consumers, blurring the physical and digital boundaries.

CPG brand alt distribution channels

Don’t start with an MVP

If you start with a bad idea and all you learn is that your idea sucks, then you’re stuck. Start with the problem instead. We also wrote about this in a previous post on Lean Startup.

Long read: The secret recipe of Domino’s Pizza

How the world’s biggest pizza chain pulled it off by thinking like a tech startup. It took organisational self-awareness, investment in tech innovation, and courage to grow 90x in stock value like that.

All the buzzwords collide in the future of manufacturing

Top global spenders on R&D are from manufacturing industry, investing in tech such as 3D printing, robotics, AI, blockchain, Internet of Things etc. All of these can be applied in any step of the manufacturing process.

future of manufacturing

Handy business tips

GDPR and marketing implications

With the recent hubbub around data and privacy, it’s imperative that companies review their data collection processes, EU-based or not.

The art of asking questions

Asking the right questions in UX design is crucial to yield better insight and avoid our own assumptions. Here’s how.

Weird & wonderful

⚰️ A funeral home in China allows visitors to tour the facilities in VR. Is this the future of death tech?

♻️ A luxury French perfume maker will debut its latest fragrance made out of organic waste - A PR stunt with an ecological purpose.

Inside Enabled

We had a (modified) Vietnamese cold roll birthday lunch. The tradition of bringing a cake into the office on your birthday has now been expanded to include savoury dishes.