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What’s happening out there

Taking back from the tech giants

Retailers try to take ad revenue away from Facebook and Google by selling ad slots on their own websites to manufacturers, similar to selling shelf position in the physical world => Clever way to fight back the “retail apocalypse” and take advantage of questionable online ad ROI.

As boundaries between the digital & physical world blur:

  • Internet companies want more physical touchpoints: Amazon opening cashier-less stores, Google planning a retail flagship store in Chicago
  • Traditional retailers go big with digital: Walmart attempting to pursue VR for shopping from home

Long read: What’s edge computing?

Cloud computing has been a buzzword for some time now. But what about edge computing? This nascent technology is starting to attract attention as we move to an even more Internet-connected ecosystem. Here’s a good overview plus potential industry use cases.

edge computing definition

Super university

Reading the discussion paper on the potential merger of University of Adelaide & UniSA reminds us of our article on the digital disruption happening in education.

Mixed Reality: mixed feelings

Earlier this month, the Magic Leap mixed reality headset finally launched after years of hype and mystery, with a hefty price tag of USD2,300. And it’s only available for developers.

magic leap mixed reality

Optimists think this is the next mobile computing frontier, after the smartphone. Others are less convinced, citing the underwhelming first impression. Interesting space to watch nonetheless.

Weird & wonderful

💸 Dreaming of being able to fly like Iron Man? Now you can, just pay $600k for this suit.

🏢 A skyscraper in China is fitted with a waterfall taller than Niagara Falls and costs $116/hr to run.

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