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What’s happening out there

Time to fear Amazon yet?

The giant is getting bigger:

  • Chose Melbourne for its first warehouse location in Australia
  • Launched its own fashion label after a beta launch of a risk-free clothes delivery service
  • Expressed interest in selling cars, providing loans, pedaling prescription drugs, and handling your banking

amazon monopoly retail Source: The Next Web

“Fail fast” is a myth

Making successful software like Facebook & Airbnb seems like playing the lottery, if companies dive straight into production after only making optimistic guesses. Let’s stop playing the product design lottery.

Long read: Far-reaching impact of driverless cars

How a single innovation is going to completely disrupt not one, but several industries, with non-obvious rippling effects in almost all facets of our daily lives. More parks, fewer accidents, more entertainment services?

iPhone 8 anyone?

Rumours and leaks have pointed to things like facial recognition to unlock your phone, edge-to-edge display, no home button, wireless charging among improved camera, Siri etc.

iPhone 8 x rumours Source: MacRumors

Handy business tips

What a successful team looks like at Google

“Who is on a team matters less than how the team members interact, structure their work, and view their contributions.”

psychological safety workplace Source: Google

“We need to be more diverse”

Amid the scandal around Google anti-diversity memo, there is this amusing (and true?) satirical report on diversity in tech.

gender diversity at work Source: The Cooper Review

Weird & wonderful

📎 Can you beat these kids at Microsoft Office proficiency? There is a world champion title up for grabs.

🍓 Strawberries extract is the secret to popsicles that “will remain almost the same even if exposed to the hot air from a dryer.”

Inside Enabled

From our Instagram

The University of Adelaide produced a nice report on the annual Tech eChallenge which mentions Enabled’s involvement on both the teaching and judging side.