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What’s happening out there

The game-changing rocket launch

SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy rocket into space, carrying with it a Tesla Roadster. Some highlights:

  • The Falcon Heavy is now the world’s most powerful rocket
  • The launch’s live stream made it YouTube’s second biggest live stream event

falcon heavy rocket

Amid all the buzz, this marks Elon Musk’s latest attempt to disrupt an industry. Besides literally shooting for the stars, Elon’s other companies such as Tesla are going after eight industries.

The hype about Hype Cycles

We’re not good at predicting the future. Lessons from analysing Gartner’s hype cycles: some tech never made it to main stream, some flew under the radar… but it’s still an exciting journey in the tech world.

gartner hype cycle analysis

Long read: Emerging China

From imitation to innovation, China has become a tech superpower, slowly changing from “Made in China” to “Designed in China.” Even Western companies are copying China more. What an entrepreneurial spirit!

AR Emoji vs. Animoji

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S9 features AR emojis — using Augmented Reality and a still pic of you to create a cartoon version of yourself.

samsung galaxy s9 AR emoji

The earlier iPhone X’s Animojis meanwhile use the phone’s depth-sensing camera to inject yourself into popular emojis. Which one do you prefer?

iPhone X animoji

Handy business tips

User testing recruitment

What’s the right way to recruit user test participants today? Not based on gender. Use psychographic & behavioural segmentation.

Design is not just about graphics

Thus Design Management falls into various disciplines, e.g. product, service, engineering. The bottom line is design management helps you innovate.

Weird & wonderful

🚿 Marriott Hotels is turning the shower door into a digital notepad… because most good ideas come out during a hot shower?

📺 The most exclusive ad in the world with an audience of one — This is Skittles’ ad in the Super Bowl season.

Inside Enabled

We got our hands on the new Apple HomePod the day it got released. As usual, the crew gathered around for an “epic” unboxing event.