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What’s happening out there

Amazon Go and cashier-less store

The first Amazon Go opened in Seattle. Is this the future of grocery shopping?

  • No checkout lines, just grab the items and go
  • How? Hundreds of cameras and sensors pair your selection to your Amazon account

amazon go store Amazon Go store

Some are skeptical about how this works for Amazon (reports of accidental stealing), or for millions of cashier jobs. Meanwhile, Amazon is marching on with their vertical and horizontal integration strategies.

A 100-year view of User Experience (UX)

Over 3 junctures, UX as a field has grown and is predicted to grow. More UX jobs, more companies needing UX, more countries doing UX. Will 1% of the world’s population work in UX by 2050?

Long read: Beyond the Bitcoin bubble

First we had the early Internet era with open protocols. Then, we have closed architectures and proprietary databases with the likes of Facebook and Google. Now, Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain tech signal a treacherous route back to the open-protocol era.

Up and coming consumer tech developments

An overview of this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), featuring new stuff in voice, smart home, cars, displays, mobile, health & more. How about a car that can read your brain waves?

CES 2018

Handy business tips

What makes up User Experience

Learn about the different components within User Experience: Utility, Usability, Desirability, Brand Experience.

Why a north star metric might be harmful

Read the breakdown of input and output metrics, and the importance of measuring multiple business dimensions with real life examples.

Weird & wonderful

🚗 Self-parking slippers surprised hotel guests in Japan. Nissan has applied self-driving tech to various items before including office chairs.

💰 A few weird cryptocurrencies out there that you didn’t know existed. Now we have Bananacoin and Trumpcoin.