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What’s happening out there

Overcoming the “innovator’s bias”

Creator of Lean Canvas - Ash Maurya - offers the solution (pun intended) to this, which is: “Love the problem, not your solution.” We also featured him in our latest blog post. See it here.

Elon Musk on Hyperloop, Tesla 3 & solar

  • Closer to home, Tesla agreed to build the world’s biggest Lithium Ion Battery in South Australia.
  • The first 30 Tesla Model 3 cars to roll off production line soon.
  • Musk’s Boring Company captured interest with hi-speed transportation Hyperloop.


Long read: How to know if tech is just a toy?

Using historical & present examples, the author argues the presence of a roadmap is why some tech advancements can change the world while others remain toys. He also notes the distinction between assessing the objective capability vs. specific applications of tech (use cases).

Google Home hits Australia

Try asking: “Ok Google, which is the best home assistant out there?” While it “calculates world domination”, you can read the comparison with rival Amazon Echo.


Handy business tips

Ask me what Bitcoin is one more time…

The most simple explanation of Bitcoin is by using apples.

Empathy map canvas

The popular tool to empathise with your customers/users just got revamped. Get it here.

Weird & wonderful

🐴 Scientists have inserted a GIF of a horse into living bacteria. Why? One day your family photo albums may be backed up on an E. coli drive.

gif in bacteria

🐱 Idea for a pop quiz: Which country has the most cat owners? It’s Russia with 59% of those surveyed.

Inside Enabled

From our Instagram

On World Emoji Day (Jul 17), we looked back at our emoji use within the team communication platform Slack.

Comical value aside, we’ve used Slack for client support, which works better than endless email chains in many cases.

Enabled in the press

In the wake of app development startup Buzinga’s liquidation, Grant reminds businesses to re-evaluate their criteria in engaging with app and software developers.