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What’s happening out there

Data sharing between the tech giants

Amid the recent data and privacy scandals, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter announced a joint initiative called the Data Transfer Project, allowing users to move data between platforms:

  • Although still under development, this is good news for consumers
  • “Portability and interoperability are central to cloud innovation and competition” - said Microsoft, who just bought the largest open-source dev platform Github
  • Closer to home, the recent My Health Record fall-out highlights the need to not only protect people’s data but also communicating clearly about it

data transfer project

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Technical debt in marketing

Similar to tech debt in IT, technical debt in marketing is a growing concern for many organisations. “You need to deploy technology nimbly and decouple from the mother ship of legacy systems.”

Long read: One way to thrive in the Amazon era

As the giant extends its reach, one retailer is fighting back by providing “personal chief technology officers”, and it’s working. Best Buy should have been dead, but they’ve tweaked their proposition to focus on sending staff into people’s homes.

This allows them to tick a customer’s job-to-be-done which Amazon’s not providing: advice and help in installing & using electronics.

Handy business tips

Positive vs. negative feedback: when & how

Which motivates your people more? Read these tips on how to give useful feedback and things to watch out for.

What you can expect from a UX design process

Good reference for the most common User Experience deliverables across the following activities: user & market research, design, testing.

Weird & wonderful

🍕Domino’s Pizza fixes potholes to ensure no good pizzas are ruined by bad roads: Clever marketing for good cause.

📱 Prone to dropping your phone? This mobile “airbag” can sense when your digital friend is free-fallling and save it.

Inside Enabled

“Generally speaking, the larger the computer, the greater its processing power” - Always entertaining to read old textbooks on technology. Goes to show how fast things have changed over the last two decades 📠📞💻📱