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What’s happening out there

The rise of ad blockers on both mobile and web should remind us to put user experience first.

internet trend reports adblock

Australia’s super industry shake-up

Start-ups fighting for a slice of millennials’ wealth (e.g. Spaceship) by strict definition are not considered “disruptive”, yet they’re growing and promise a better customer experience. How will the big players respond?

Long read: Apple’s strengths and weaknesses

Product & service announcements from WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference, e.g. HomePod, iOS 11. Great analysis of what these mean to their business model, developer ecosystem and competitive standing.

Apple WWDC stratechery Source: Stratechery

Google for GIFs

Chances are the funny GIFs you’ve been seeing and using are from Giphy, which has just scored a valuation of USD600 million. Giphy can’t do so “without being maniacal about user experience and product for years and years.” What about their business model?


Handy business tips

Harvard Business Review

Standup meetings actually work, keep meetings under an hour, and never hold meetings just to update people.


Fly a lot? Sit towards the rear cabin to increase your chance of survival in the unlikely event of a crash.

Infographic: Which Plane Seats Are Safest? | Statista

Weird & wonderful

🤖 Robotic priest BlessU-2 speaks seven languages and offers digitalised blessings to the public.

🍫 About 16.4 million of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

Inside Enabled

From our Instagram

One of our software developers playing with Apple’s new Augmented Reality tool - ARKit.

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This reminds us of a client project we did three years ago, where we created an AR-powered product visualiser for light switches.

Congratulations to 2017 Tech eChallenge winners

We’ve delivered the innovation course as part of the competition by the University of Adelaide in conjunction with Microsoft. Results of this year’s challenge can be found here.

We’ve just relaunched the Talks & Workshops page

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