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Enabled for I choose SA

Brand South Australia ran a story about Enabled as part of the I Choose SA campaign for tech & creative industries. It’s an opportunity for us to pay homage to our home state and all the local businesses that have been with us over the years.

enabled solutions adelaide


What’s happening out there

The annual Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report has some notable findings:

  • Half of the world’s population is online and spending more time on mobile
  • More video content formats, more voice interface
  • More data captured than ever, pervasiveness of sensors
  • Despite privacy issues, some are willing to trade privacy for product benefits
  • eCommerce and cross-border commerce continues to grow
  • China takes more top tech company spots, chases AI
  • Hyper-usable UX is a must for enterprise software

internet trends 2018

Full 294-slide report here.

Content media and business of attention

Apple just signed a multi-year content partnership with Oprah Winfrey. P&G clashed with Youtube, partnered with new media partners to regain control over its ads. Instagram also launched its new hour-long video format to lure Youtube users.

Australian retail war: consumers win

As eBay tackles Amazon’s Australian launch of its Prime membership with eBay Plus, consumers are in for some real bargains. Also, different online retailers react differently to the law that requires them to collect tax on imports under $1000.

WWDC 2018: A lot of software, not much hardware

Apple’s annual highly anticipated developer conference focused on new features coming to:

  • iOS 12: Screen Time, Memoji, grouped notifications
  • macOS Mojave: dark mode, privacy focus
  • watchOS: attempt to take on Fitbit
  • tvOS: Dolby Atmos support on Apple TV 4K

WWDC 2018

Handy business tips

What you need to know about DesignOps

Inspired by the DevOps movement, DesignOps has evolved to mean both the mindset and the role. Read this 5-min guide for all the details.

Balancing data-driven marketing and customer privacy

Is there a trade-off? Companies can do more to protect their customers’ data. By the way, have you subscribed to our new Security Alert email?

Weird & wonderful

💔 Perhaps on the weird side, WeChat trialled “divorce” function on the platform. Couples can now file for divorce via the app.

🚀 Finnish space tourism startup Space Nation launched an app allowing anyone to train to become an astronaut, with a trip to space up for grabs.

Inside Enabled

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Our attempt at making our own memojis - Apple’s upcoming upgrade of the animoji. Some are pretty close to reality 🤗