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What’s happening out there

The Facebook data saga

The social media giant was recently caught up in a range of data-related scandals. The question is, did a breach of privacy occur or did Facebook users actually give the social giant permission to share personal information to other companies? Read more on this:

  • Mark Zuckerberg took out ads to apologise for a “breach of trust” regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal
  • More news broke that Facebook had been scraping call and text message data from Android phones for years
  • 59% of respondents in a survey said Facebook would have a net negative effect on society in 10 years

net effect of tech companies on society

Looking at this from an app design perspective, where do we draw the line between convenience in user experience and privacy protection?

Functionality over form for Amazon

How the commerce giant win customers with its design theory that doesn’t revolve around aesthetics: Look beneath the interface.

More than just a pretty face

The beauty industry has taken advantage of digital tech to up the game. Augmented Reality has become more popular as a try-on aid for many brands. The recent acquisition of Modiface helped L’Oreal in the AR race.

Meanwhile, Sephora has pioneered a variety of in-store technologies such as interactive screens, RFID scanning and so on.

It would be interesting to see how these brands thrive amid a retail crisis by embracing technology.

modiface AR beauty

Handy business tips

Avoid shaming your users in UX design

A website popup asks you to sign up for a newsletter, with the options “Yes” and “No, I’d prefer to be miserable.” Don’t use this dark pattern.

How to “use” your boss

This company has a user guide for employees on how to “use” their leader, which communicates clear expectations and the leader’s working style.

Weird & wonderful

🍣 3D printed edible pixelated sushis that look like they belong in an 8-bit video game. Totally Instagram-worthy.

🐝 Walmart recently filed a patent for robot bees, which act as “pollination drones.” Can this be the future of agriculture?

Inside Enabled

Our CEO returns for another year as an innovation lecturer for Adelaide Uni’s Tech eChallenge program. Full video here.