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One for the team

We just won an award of excellence in the 24th Communicator Award for the corporate communications category. Enabled’s book of Who We Are is shaped by as well as shapes how we work. And we’re excited to share this piece of internal communication with the world.

enabled communicator award

View our culture book.

What’s happening out there

Why corporate innovation is hard

An analysis on the latest State of Innovation report, which contains findings like 84.9% said innovation is very important, but 78% of respondents focus on incremental changes. So why?

  • We assume we know the customer well
  • “The future is forever, but the present is this quarter”
  • “Let’s leave it till tomorrow”
  • “I’m not in the innovative group”
  • We can’t be both process-oriented and innovative
  • We don’t have money for innovation

corporate innovation

Long read: Time to be an alarmist

The future of warfare is not on the battlefield, but on our screens and in our minds. Learn to discern the truth and get behind the movement against computational propaganda.

The cost of cyber attacks is rising around the world. Read stats about cybersecurity in terms of industry, frequency and more.

cybersecurity trends

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Facebook’s F8 conference recap

Balancing scandal and tech, the annual developer conference attracted a lot of media attention following the Cambridge Analytica debacle. Nonetheless, Facebook’s introduced a bunch of new products that could threaten the existence of Tinder and Snapchat.

facebook f8

Handy business tips

Make meetings more human-centred

Ultimate guide to types of meetings, common pitfalls and how to make them serve your business and its people.

How to do “small talk”

Icebreaker questions for team-building gatherings: no more awkward conversations, more meaningful connections.

Inside Enabled

When the humans at Enabled compete in a weekly step count, they make an app for it and display stats on the big screen 👣