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What’s happening out there

Ways to beat Amazon

With price competitiveness in their DNA, Amazon seems unbeatable, as evident in their cloud offering. But there is still hope:

  • Don’t go after commodity categories. Build a strong brand.
  • “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”
  • Retailers react in the wake of Amazon/Whole Foods deal, so implement an ecommerce strategy now if you don’t have one.

Build a successful platform/marketplace

Starting small, marketplaces like eBay, Airbnb, Alibaba and Uber have become multi-billion-dollar businesses. How did they do it? Here are 4 main strategies. We also wrote about platform business model before.

Elements of a platform business See more here

Long read: See that tech disruption coming?

In response to impending disruption, a business may suddenly declare it is going to “Transform” or “Innovate,” but it often also wants to hold onto what it has been in the past . Self-disruption may be the way to go.

digital disruption

The real business of Virtual Reality

Facebook wants a billion people in VR with its new VR headset Oculus Go that doesn’t require a seperate computer to work. Will this revolutionise social - by giving people a safe place to play out cause & effect - or pass off as another tech gimmick?

facebook oculus go

Handy business tips

Maintain individual & collective focus

Facebook’s VP of Product on how to remain focused and get things done in a project, including auditing your calendar, avoiding unnecessary meetings.

Connecting at work

Harvard Business Review published an excellent series on human connections in the digital workplace that we’re in.

Weird & wonderful

⛓ Buddhist community harnessing blockchain to ensure that temples are using their funds properly.

✈️ Dubai International Airport will replace border controls with a walk down a virtual aquarium tunnel.

Inside Enabled

From our Instagram

Playing with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone 🕹 It’s not just fun and games, there’re 30 big industries that drones could disrupt. If you have an idea in mind, let us know!

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Enabled in the press

Our client Clipsal launches the new and improved iCat app with ecommerce integration. Partnering with Clipsal since 2011, we are so proud to work on this world-first offering in the electrical industry.

clipsal icat app

iCat is also the most used app behind Google in the Australian electrical industry.