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Good design is good for business

The first ever report conducted into the value of design in business by McKinsey outlines 4 key themes around Design - more than a feeling, more than a phase, more than a department and more than a product.

Enabled’s been advocating a user-centric approach with our integrated design capabilities. And now the report highlights these nuggets of truth:

  • “Design has gone from being a middle-management topic to a senior management topic”
  • “Separate design departments don’t work”
  • There’re financial returns for those doing it right

business value of design

If you’re curious about how Enabled can help you use design to drive your business, drop us a message.

Can tech be good for society?

“Companies know you better than you may know yourself.” Apple CEO Tim Cook warns of danger around the growing “data industrial complex”.

Meanwhile, the UN released 2018’s World Economic and Social Survey report, warning that frontier technologies can help lives but boost inequality.

Why great products only do one thing

A good read on the simplicity philosophy that can be applied to product development, user experience design, software design etc. Examples include Apple, Nike, McDonalds and the Walkman.

Google Pixel phone event

There wasn’t much room for surprises when Google unveiled the new Pixel 3 phones earlier this month. People had already seen the products & packaging photos thanks to extensive leaks.

pixel 3 vs iPhone xs

As usual, there’ll be comparisons with Apple’s new iPhones, but you get different views depending on what’s being compared.

Weird & wonderful

🚽 When “There’s an app for it” is taken too far: In San Francisco, you can’t use the toilet without downloading an app.

👚 Unilever released Day2, a spray that lets millennials postpone doing the laundry. Compelling proposition for busy folks.

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