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The state of Artificial Intelligence in Enterprises

MIT Sloan Management Review’s 2018 Global Report on AI highlights different levels of AI adoption within enterprises - Passives, Experimenters, Investigators, Pioneers:

  • A majority of companies expect AI to affect business model shifts
  • Pioneers are less held back by “lack of leadership support” or an “unclear business case” for AI adoption
  • Chinese companies are aggressively investing in AI business applications

state of AI enterprise

Interesting read on consumer psychology and how people view privacy: We are fast to demand our privacy, though when offered privacy as an optional extra, even at a small price, we are fast to forgo it.

The article touches on various studies, including one where “people readily disclosed their friends’ email addresses in exchange for free pizza.”

Two decades of Google

20 years on, Google is the dominant player in search (90% market share). But that could change with Amazon attacking online retail advertising. On other fronts, Facebook “wants to kill the web” and regulators want to curb Google’s monopoly.

google timeline

The iPhone event

By now, the new line of Apple’s iPhones has already been all over the news. The AI chips that Apple designed themselves could be the key to their future. Apple also quietly updated the Service Pricing, which points to higher hidden costs.

iPhone XS

While some are going ga-ga over the new phones and flashy features, some have picked on the smaller stuff, like the “failed” 3D Touch, or the Walkie-Talkie function on the new Apple WatchOS that let you live out your childhood’s dream.

apple watch walkie talkie

Weird & wonderful

📦 Living in a limited space? Store stuff in your ceiling, use an app to track and retrieve them.

🍌 This Korean supermarket is selling a pack of 6 bananas of different ripeness. Genius?

Inside Enabled

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