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What’s happening out there

Publishers vs. Facebook (and Google)

The shakeout in the publishing industry is similar to what is occurring in the retail industry, where Amazon might spark a “retail apocalypse”:

  • Facebook & Google dominated digital ads, causing disenchantment among publishers
  • Streaming videos touted as the next frontier, at a cost to publishers
  • Publishers fighting back to take control of their platforms and the video streams. Who will win in the next phase of the digital content revolution?

facebook video engagement stats Source: Contently

Minimum Awesome Product

The purpose of the MVP is to be customer-driven instead of being product-driven. But many still confuse the concept with “half-baked prototypes.” Maybe time to call it a Minimum Awesome Product instead?

MVP definition

Long read: Unified Theory of Design

An interesting theory for designing just about everything called CAMP. It’s an acronym for Context - Architecture - Mechanics - Poetics. A fav quote: “Digital products become experiences when people use them.”

Augmented Reality wave

iOS 11 has sparked a resurge of interest in AR apps. From useful utilities like IKEA’s product visualisation app, to creating a gif-filled world just for fun with Giphy. But beneath that is an AR platform war between the giants.

ikea ar app IKEA AR app. Source: The Verge

Handy business tips

Want productive meetings?

Don’t spend 90% of your time talking about the 10% of things you disagree on. Find the common ground.

User needs are human needs

Use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to help you look at your designs in a different way. Does your product address a need?

user needs maslow hierarchy

Weird & wonderful

💾 Smell that leak? It’s your data leaking. Check out a device that emits smell to alert you of a breach.

⚰️ Drive-thru funeral service in Japan: Is this a step too far in convenience?

Inside Enabled

From our Instagram

We got a bit excited by our first ever branded sweet treats, so we tested Snapchat’s AR tracking with those yummy 🍪

Enabled in the press

Enabled CEO Grant Hull discusses what’s next for businesses and app owners after iOS 11 kills 32-bit apps.